5 Major Trends That Will be Seen in Real Estate in 2017

Indian-Cities-to-CapitalizeThis year is proving a bumper year for real estate and economy in India. The nation has been in the top list of most preferred destinations for commercial property investment. India has been the fastest growing major economy at 7.2% growth this year. The business of real estate has boomed and property investment is proving to be the most important question before investors these days.

The moves made by the Government like demonetisation and digital economy and less organised segment of real estate sector like any other trade and services with high cash will be wiped out in due course. Commercial Property in Greater Noida has been on the top list of the investors. The area has started to develop and there are many projects going on in the city.

  • India is fourth in developing Asia for FDI inflows as per the World Investment Report 2016 by UN Conference for Trade and Development. After this the real estate saw increase in equity investment last year. Indian real estate has attracted $32 billion in private equity so far. Due to the improvement in structural reforms and liberalised FDI, India moved up to 36th rank in Real Estate Transparency Index. India has become more attractive to both global and Indian investors.
  • Due to the implementation of GST next month and demonetisation acts, had a major impact on how many developer run their businesses. Many investors and developers realised that revamping the existing business model is important if they want to survive in the business and investing market at all. The commercial office space sector will get a strong support from Real Estate Investment Trusts and it will have long term impact on developers.
  • Co-working spaces are popping up across Indian metros providing start-ups with flexible options at affordable rents. This segment is surely a boom in India and provides many advantages like cost efficiency or employee motivation and retention. Co-operators and corporate will move into a hybrid sort and rely on each other for deals. They will work together and this will benefit them.
  • Affordable houses has become a thing in India these days; the much coveted infrastructure has been hyped because of the one crore houses that would be built in rural India. National House Banks has re-financed the housing loans which have given further boost to the sector.
  • Overcrowded real estate sector is becoming a lot leaner and meaner with ways of joint developments and joint ventures between the landowners or small developers with better organised players. Commercial property in Noida Extension has been much hyped and many investors are showing interest in them. The sector is not overcrowded but developing at a face pace to keep up with the demands of the investors.

These trends are in fast pace these days. Investing in real estate business has become the major trend many investors and developers are looking for opportunities that have been provided by the Government. Investing in Commercial Property in Greater Noida is a profitable deal as the area is developing and one can find many great deals.

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