5 Major Trends That Will be Seen in Real Estate in 2017

Indian-Cities-to-CapitalizeThis year is proving a bumper year for real estate and economy in India. The nation has been in the top list of most preferred destinations for commercial property investment. India has been the fastest growing major economy at 7.2% growth this year. The business of real estate has boomed and property investment is proving to be the most important question before investors these days.

The moves made by the Government like demonetisation and digital economy and less organised segment of real estate sector like any other trade and services with high cash will be wiped out in due course. Commercial Property in Greater Noida has been on the top list of the investors. The area has started to develop and there are many projects going on in the city.

  • India is fourth in developing Asia for FDI inflows as per the World Investment Report 2016 by UN Conference for Trade and Development. After this the real estate saw increase in equity investment last year. Indian real estate has attracted $32 billion in private equity so far. Due to the improvement in structural reforms and liberalised FDI, India moved up to 36th rank in Real Estate Transparency Index. India has become more attractive to both global and Indian investors.
  • Due to the implementation of GST next month and demonetisation acts, had a major impact on how many developer run their businesses. Many investors and developers realised that revamping the existing business model is important if they want to survive in the business and investing market at all. The commercial office space sector will get a strong support from Real Estate Investment Trusts and it will have long term impact on developers.
  • Co-working spaces are popping up across Indian metros providing start-ups with flexible options at affordable rents. This segment is surely a boom in India and provides many advantages like cost efficiency or employee motivation and retention. Co-operators and corporate will move into a hybrid sort and rely on each other for deals. They will work together and this will benefit them.
  • Affordable houses has become a thing in India these days; the much coveted infrastructure has been hyped because of the one crore houses that would be built in rural India. National House Banks has re-financed the housing loans which have given further boost to the sector.
  • Overcrowded real estate sector is becoming a lot leaner and meaner with ways of joint developments and joint ventures between the landowners or small developers with better organised players. Commercial property in Noida Extension has been much hyped and many investors are showing interest in them. The sector is not overcrowded but developing at a face pace to keep up with the demands of the investors.

These trends are in fast pace these days. Investing in real estate business has become the major trend many investors and developers are looking for opportunities that have been provided by the Government. Investing in Commercial Property in Greater Noida is a profitable deal as the area is developing and one can find many great deals.

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What made Greater Noida a commercial Hub

The economy of India is the sixth-largest economy in the world measured by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP).The country is classified as a newly industrialized country, one of the G-20 major economies, a member of BRICS and a developing economy with an average growth rate of approximately 7% over the last two decades.  This all shows How rapidly India is developing and  ultimately urbanization is increases . The National Capital Delhi  consists  population of about 16.75 million according to census 2011.  Due to this reason the government of India decided to Expand the Capital region to its nearest state like Haryana , UttarPradesh. The aim of developing this region was to develop a metropolitan area around Delhi, so as to divert increasing pressure of population from the region. The concept was essential in order to protect Delhi’s infrastructure from excessive pressure and a planned development of the region.commercial-property-for-sale-in-greater-noida

Planning for the NCR is undertaken by the National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB), which is headed by the Union urban development minister and has representatives from the three states that are part of the region. With the inclusion of the two additional districts, the regional planning exercise would now be done under the overall direction of the NCRPB. Infrastructure can be built with greater support from the Union government, and in addition, planning would be holistic with a clear strategy.

The NCR currently includes 19 districts spread across three states and the National Capital Territory of Delhi. In Haryana, it comprises the districts of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Mewat, Rohtak, Sonepat, Rewari, Jhajjhar, Panipat, Palwal, Mahendragarh and Bhiwani . In Uttar Pradesh, the districts of Meerut, Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar, Bulandshahr, Hapur and Baghpat are included. The districts from Rajasthan are Alwar and Bharatpur.

Greater Noida comes under GautamBudh Nagar and is well connected to delhi Noida Expressway ,which is a 6 lane expressway. Since it is well connected to Delhi by road or By Metro this area becomes one of the top choice for investor to invest. Some top level MNC made this place their workplace and many Education centre is also present here this all makes this City Great to Invest .There are many commercial property for sale in greater noida.Findaksh also Provide you an opportunity to invest here .

Make A Great Deal By Investing In Commercial Properties!

Are you interested to invest in commercial properties?

Let’s talk about commercial properties and their interesting benefits.

The popularity of the commercial properties has been increased due to the rapid economic growth in India. These properties have become very beneficial in number of ways; basically it depends for which we want to use it. Some want to use it for a better living or business setup and some use it as a great mean of income. That is why many people refer it as income property.

There are many people multiple building or land for earning more profit. Some of them like to buy them and then sell them for more profit or some choose them as rental income source. It has given a new direction for the business market. Best commercial properties are medical centers, warehouses, retail stores or malls, office buildings, hotels or some residential properties used for rental purposes. So you can say that buying a good commercial property at nice location is a great idea.

People usually like to invest their money in commercial properties because of their multiple benefits.

Do you want to invest your money in commercial properties?

Go for it! Invest your money in some good office or apartment building is much better than investment in single family homes. By this you will definitely realize that there are great chances of returning of your investments. Moreover, you will also identify multiple choices of investing in different ways.

What are the types of commercial properties?

Various types of commercial properties are office, industrial, retail, or join family. Retail property comprises on the shopping centers, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, houses and multiplexes. Office property comprises on only office buildings. Industrial property comprises on garages, warehouses and so forth. The fourth sort is comprised of multifamily buildings; you may likewise say it for living. You can also setup a great business by make investments.


What are the benefits if you invest in any of these commercial properties ?

  • Investing in business or commercial properties can be an amazing approach to invest without any difficulty or tension. These properties are utilized by organizations and this disposes some of the inhabitant issues that one faces while setting up residential property. Business tenants are more disposed to keep the property kept up better and looking decent as the way their place of business looks can impact the numbers of clients and business they get.
  • Business properties are an incredible approach to expand your income. The individuals who are putting their money into these properties will get higher leases and will have renters who have longer rents as compare to residential investors. Average business rents last from three to 20 years, while home rents by and large last just a single year. In many cases, a business rent will likewise be secured by bank ensures, which makes for a secured venture.
  • Moreover, in these commercial properties there is a great benefits in the renewal as well as repair is the required. And the cost has to be paid by the renter instead of the owner. As a result, there will be great saving of money in these commercial properties.
  • The people who are investing in the commercial properties will have another benefit that is increased value within next few years.

After knowing these amazing benefits, you will surely take interest to invest in commercial properties. For an instance, Commercial Property for sale in Greater Noida is the great deal for the people who want to buy some high quality commercial property with great locality. Go commercial! Go Smart!

Calculate Rental Income of Commercial Property For Sale In Modinagar

An income property is a property bought or developed to earn income. Keep in mind that while there are many advantages of investing in real estate, there are also significant risk factors to consider.like selection of location or area , rule,interest of people.in these day delhi based investor prefer to invest in Commercial Property for sale in Modinagar. With india’s number one portal Findaksh you can get correct information regarding commercial real estate. understand that while there are numerous benefits of making an investment in actual property, there are also considerable chance elements to recall. Assuming that you are making an investment in an profits assets to occupy it with tenants, you may be capable of acquire rental income.


Commercial Property for sale in faridabad Investment Tips

 For the attitude of start up business, you need to be clear about the actual genuine Commercial real estate property experts.  seek business assets in India property provider issuer for the exceptional workplace space location in rural location as nicely business advertising region with taking advice of specialists actual estate consultants.

greater noida

With the help of Findaksh you could get pleasant industrial belongings to your start up business at your own appropriate region. This time is more aggressive and hard for every commercial enterprise entrepreneurs to grow their commercial enterprise particularly and easily. you may make your seek effective in case you talk over with high-quality industrial property consultant to your office area. Commercial Property for sale  in Faridabad is also eye catching point.  You can grow up your business here and take more advantage.

Why Investing in Commercial Property in Agra Is The Best Option

In real Estate, market prices may fluctuate sometimes up and sometimes fall. This increase will also call for some major rise in the clearance of the building plans at several places, which needs to be controlled as the lower and middle income group population won’t be able to afford it. For this purpose the government will have to rethink their decision and has to come up with some concession for the low- income group. All these have challenged the capacity of the common man to build his own house in cities and will also reduce revenue collection through stamp duty. Successive stage would be that, the project will be categorized under Maha Nivesh Yojana, in which the state would support development of exemplary projects in the field of manufacturing Enterprises, tourism, logistics, and wholesale markets.

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This will help in fetching mega investments into the state showing outpouring impact on the local economy as well as in state economy as a whole. Now investors are planning to invest in the cities like Meerut, Agra, modinagar etc. If you are planning to invest in Commercial Property in Agra then you are at right places .Findaksh.com is the most demanding real estate company in India. Another benefit of this Yojna is that it would be generating large-scale employment opportunities by identifying new areas of work, new ways to work and new ways to think about work through a special exemption including mixed land use. Land can be allotted to such projects to be developed on land area of minimum 500 acres with a minimum investment of `6,000 crore at a price as decided by the government. So, as a whole 2016 proves to be the best year for investing into commercial property in India. This agreement as a whole will elicit a revolution in the trend faced by commercial property in India since long. A tremendous commercial expansion is on its way.

New schemes for investing in commercial property in Noida

Cities like Noida and Gurgaon have seen an increase in construction with patrons longing for cheap housing and promising plans. A number of the schemes being introduced by the developers.



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How commercial properties in Noida is prime location

Due to rapid urbanization in Noida positive demographics and rising income levels, the Indian commercial property has attracted significant investment over the past few years. Everyone wants property for securing their money.


So they invest in different way. But investment in commercial properties in Noida is most beneficial because it has constant source of income. This is closet location of delhi this location is high in demand. If you want better information than connect to Findaksh.com. This is best websites that will tell you best results.

Know How Commercial Properties in Greater Noida is upcoming Hit property

Investment for property is best but when it give high rental yields than it is really good. If you have bought a commercial property and you plan to rent your property, it will be easy to find tenants as every businessman looks for a commercial property that is easily accessible and visible. If your property is strategically located, the visibility and credibility of your business will improve automatically. Continue reading “Know How Commercial Properties in Greater Noida is upcoming Hit property”

Know Why Commercial Properties in Noida is First choice of investor

Noida has emerged as a growing region to invest in as most of the conditions are working in favor of the buyers. lot of buyers come in with an interest to own properties in various areas that majorly includes Noida and around delhi ncr because this is most developing area and as cost effective as compare to Gurgaon.

With high industrial growth Commercial Properties in Noida is first choice of investors or businessman. Regular cash flow always possible because of office space, departmental store. avoid delays in execution of the projects one can avoid going with a new or unknown builder. Paying extra and getting a reputed builder always is a right way in order to get the finished projects in the desired time. For any type of problem or information related to commercial property visit to Findaksh.com. this is the best portal that will tell you latest news.