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Just have a look at its infrastructure once you will be fascinated by the growth and development of infrastructure and other facilities there. The area of good investment there which provides you with lucrative options of rate of interest includes Dwarka Expressway, Sohna Road, and Golf Course Extension.

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Looking at the major schools, hotels, hospitals, resorts etc are also emerging there in lieu for a long term settlement. Findaksh always focus on the best quality so if you are an investor and planning to invest in Commercial Property in Meerut then you are at right place. gives you many good schemes through which you can get the best property options easily.


3 Fold Tax Hike for Commercial Property Owners in South Delhi

2016 is coming as a windfall for commercial property owners. They will have to bear with a large hole in their pocket. It is getting more and more difficult to buy a commercial property in India. For now owners of commercial property in Delhi NCR will have to suffer as they will end up paying 3 times more taxes as compared to what they were paying earlier. SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation) has agreed with the recommendations given by Third Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC).

The recommendations given by the panel includes recategorisation of industrial units, airport, hotels (three stars and above) and other business establishments. And this major restructuring will have a tremendous impact on property taxes in that area by at least 3 times. May 26 is the tentative date decided for final approval of the report submitted by MVC.

If everything goes according to the plan the new policy with higher tax rates for Commercial Property in Delhi NCR will be applicable from 1st April, 2016.The MVC report is still awaited to be approved by standing committee which deals in financial matter.

As per Mr. Ram Mohan Singh, SDMC assessor and collector this step is most likely to increase the agency’s revenue collection by 150 crore during 2016-17.He explained that the industrial areas in south Delhi, presently falling under category G, will be moved to Category B. Similarly, there will be a remarkable increase from 4 to 6 in the factor use of the barat ghars and banquet halls. Since in order to calculate Property tax we multiply rates per square meter (sqm) defined for different categories by factor so this change will make property tax shoot like a rocket.

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It was 5 years back in 2011 when this Municipal Valuation Committee (MVC) report was submitted to Municipal Corporation for their kind approval but since then commercial property owners were stress-free until it was decided to go ahead with this report in the present financial year ie.2016-17. The main aim of this report is to increase revenue through improved property tax coverage and bring left-out properties under the property tax net. North and East Delhi MCD have already put this MVC report into action. Now next is the South Delhi Municipal Corporation to come in line with other two corporations.

Apart from commercial property owners and taxpayers residential property taxpayers are also coming in the loop through various methods implemented by South Delhi Municipal Corporation to bring more and more taxpayers in the tax bracket. The methods used may include, conducting door-to-door surveys to spot defaulters, providing unique IDs to taxpayers and preparing a database of property tax payers. One more upcoming feature added to this tax field is the e-passbooks which will be provide to the tax payers along with unique identification cards in order to have online record of all the tax payments made by the taxpayer till now.

All this will leave commercial property in Delhi NCR in a radical situation to be carefully dealt with in near future in order to sustain their profit margins.

How to Choose Latest Commercial Property in India

Commercial Properties are developing well in Indian market. This sector is developing extremely and involving frequently with lot of investors. You can get commercial properties as the demanding categories shopping malls, multiplexes, IT spaces, office spaces. is the no.1 real estate portal that helps you to get aware about the commercial property trends, opportunities to buy and sell commercial properties in top Indian cities. We assist you to choose best options about commercial property in India at affordable prices with best commercial facilities. You need to contact with Findaksh real estate agent and get suggestion to make future investment.


New schemes for investing in commercial property in Noida

Cities like Noida and Gurgaon have seen an increase in construction with patrons longing for cheap housing and promising plans. A number of the schemes being introduced by the developers.



‘Findaksh’ is that the platform wherever you’ll realize industrial property in Noida with numerous varieties of schemes like subvention plans that embody three down payments, assured rentals for the patrons, lower interest on home loans, construction primarily based theme of paying, numerous offers and engaging discounts, & many more. For more information, explore our web site or contact us for any question.

How commercial properties in Noida is prime location

Due to rapid urbanization in Noida positive demographics and rising income levels, the Indian commercial property has attracted significant investment over the past few years. Everyone wants property for securing their money.


So they invest in different way. But investment in commercial properties in Noida is most beneficial because it has constant source of income. This is closet location of delhi this location is high in demand. If you want better information than connect to This is best websites that will tell you best results.

Know How Commercial Properties in Greater Noida is upcoming Hit property

Investment for property is best but when it give high rental yields than it is really good. If you have bought a commercial property and you plan to rent your property, it will be easy to find tenants as every businessman looks for a commercial property that is easily accessible and visible. If your property is strategically located, the visibility and credibility of your business will improve automatically. Continue reading “Know How Commercial Properties in Greater Noida is upcoming Hit property”

Know Why Commercial Properties in Noida is First choice of investor

Noida has emerged as a growing region to invest in as most of the conditions are working in favor of the buyers. lot of buyers come in with an interest to own properties in various areas that majorly includes Noida and around delhi ncr because this is most developing area and as cost effective as compare to Gurgaon.

With high industrial growth Commercial Properties in Noida is first choice of investors or businessman. Regular cash flow always possible because of office space, departmental store. avoid delays in execution of the projects one can avoid going with a new or unknown builder. Paying extra and getting a reputed builder always is a right way in order to get the finished projects in the desired time. For any type of problem or information related to commercial property visit to this is the best portal that will tell you latest news.

Noida Extension is The First Choice for Commercial Property Investment

Noida Extension is known as the most growing commercial city in India. It provides best investment probabilities for every real estate investor. Here you will get most improving quality of living in commercial property sector. Noida Extension is the mid point of MNC companies, International fairs. This is also developing as sports city and well developed education facilities.

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Get Information About Commercial Property in Noida Extension

Noida Extension has become the best choice of real estate developer to make investment in commercial property sector. This is growing as the popular commercial real estate city where several commercial property projects are developing. It has population around 20 lakh and large number people making investment in this sector. Noida Extension is a It hub that providing IT infrastructure, offices, educational intuitions for commercial projects. Commercial developers are establishing strong commercial property network in this location.

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